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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chief Editor of the Yemen Times---Very Inspirational

Nadia Al-Sakkaf became the chief editor of the Yemen Times, the country's  first and most widely read independent English-language newspaper, in March 2005, and quickly became a leading voice in Yemen and worldwide media on issues of media, gender, development and politics. During the May 2011 leadership crisis in Yemen, Al-Sakkaf and her organization were vital in reporting the news and putting the political situation in context for the wider world. And as the crisis rolls on, the role of an independent press becomes even more vital. The Yemen Times has reporters on the ground in Sana'a, Taiz, Aden and Hodeida covering the uprising.

Nadia al-Sakkaf has been Editor in Chief of the Yemen Times since 2005. Ms. Al-Saakaf has been working in the media since July 2000, when she joined the Yemen Times as a translator and reporter. In September 2000 she became an assistant editor. Her areas of expertise are development issues, gender and media in the Middle East, especially Yemen.

In 2003, Mrs. Al-Sakkaf joined Oxfam-GB and worked in the Humanitarian Program as well as for the Poverty Reduction Strategy paper. She was also the media person for the organization in Yemen. She has also worked as a System Analyst at the Arab Experts Center for Consultancy and Systems. 

Ms. Al-Sakkaf is a member of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate and the International Journalists Syndicate. She was also a student member of Amnesty International while studying in the UK. Because of her work, she has traveled extensively and has contacts with many people around the world. She is active with many organizations defending freedom of expression, human rights and democracy.

Ms. Al-Sakkaf was the first recipient of the Gebran Tueni Award in 2006, given by the World Association of Newspapers and An-Nahar Newspaper in Beirut. She has an MSc in Information Systems Management from the UK, and a BE in computer science. She is married and has one daughter.


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