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Friday, June 17, 2011

Health Tips-Bad Breath Control on Spot

Fixing Bad Breath on the Spot

* Drink water and ask for lemon to be included. Surreptitiously squeeze as much of the lemon into the water as possible, as it will help cover up the odor.

* Chew a piece of gum or eat some mint candy.

* Gargle with salt to neutralise some of the odour.

* Sneak a spoon into the bathroom. Check to make sure you're alone. Look into the mirror, stick out your tongue and check for a pasty white goo on it. Turn the spoon upside down and use it to scrape your tongue, using a back to front motion. If you can't manage to sneak off with a spoon, head to the restroom, wash your hands, use your fingernails to scrape your tongue.

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