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Friday, March 18, 2011


Exercise Regularly:
Remember your external beauty is only a reflection of your inner beauty and a healthy body reflects a healthy mind. Take 15 minutes off from your routine everyday and indulge in a fitness activity you enjoy. You can practice yoga, go swimming, hit a gym, learn aerobics or take dance lessons-whatever keeps you stimulated, juts go for it! If you're a sports buff, you can practice your favorite sport as part of your fitness regimen.
Eat Healthy:
Much of our health and fitness depends on what we eat on a daily basis. Stay away from junk and processed foods and stick to a healthy, balanced diet. Organic foods are becoming increasingly popular all over the world and are an excellent substitute for canned, processed foods, which contain harmful chemicals. Depending upon your calorie requirement (which can be assessed by a fitness expert), you can chart out a diet for yourself, which meets your daily nutritional needs and keeps your fit. Include foods rich in fibre, whole grains, pulses, green vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products in adequate amount in your daily.

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