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Monday, March 28, 2011

One Minute Beauty Tips

Hydrate your face - Apply moisturizer before you get in the shower and leave it on until the end. The steam opens pores so moisturizer penetrates deeper.

Warm away dryness - While showering, place a closed container of body lotion in a sink full of warm water. When you dry off, you'll have a warm treat to massage 
from head to toe.

Get soft, smooth lips - Apply lip balm several minutes before getting in the bath or shower, then gently scrub lips with a warm washcloth. You'll easily whisk away flakes and dead skin.

Take 10 years off your hands - Treat yourself to a skin-smoothing manicure in seconds. Mix some sugar with a dollop of olive oil and a drop of vanilla; massage into hands and cuticles, then rinse under warm water.

Massage your scalp - Add a few drops of 
peppermint oil to baby shampoo for a tingly scalp refresher. Bonus: peppermint is a natural astringent that helps keep scalp oils in check.

Deep clean your face - Before washing your face, saturate a washcloth with hot water and apply to face for one minute. The heat opens pores to allow for deeper cleaning and more effective removal of pore-clogging debris. Follow with your regular cleansing routine.

Create baby soft skin - Mix together equal parts salt and body wash or conditioner. Scrub your entire body in the shower, then rinse for the smoothest skin yet.

Soften your tootsies - Close the drain to your shower and add a powdered skin softening foot soak to the bottom of tub. Then, just let your feet soak while you shower as usual.

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