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Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Woman President Of Students Union in India

Anju Sachdeva(1989-1990) elected as First Woman President Of Students for unknown student Organisation.

The first woman to be elected as the DUSU president was the dynamic Anju Sachdeva who contesting as an independent in 1989 trounced the ABVP, which had refused to give her the ticket. She was genuinely popular but has chosen to keep away from politics for the time being. Many other women presidents later followed such as Monika Kakkar, Shalu Malik, Alka Lamba, Ragini Chopra etc. All are active in their respective parties.

The Delhi University Students Union, generally abbreviated DUSU, is the umbrella student organisation at the University of Delhi.

DUSU elections are considered most high profile student union elections in country as it provides opportunity to enter directly into national politics . The University of Delhi has a long history of student political activity. DUSU is the representative body of students from most Colleges and Faculties. EachCollege also has its own students union to which elections are held every year. Student elections are keenly contested. Several of the office bearers of DUSU have gone on to hold public offices at the Centre and in different States.

The elections to Delhi University Students Union, formerly indirect through the electoral votes of college councillors, are now held by direct voting in the autumn term by the students of the University and constituent colleges. The elections are usually held in August–September of each year .

The current leadership of DUSU (2010–2011) is a mixed bag of 3 representatives from ABVP while one from NSUI. It is after a long gap that ABVP has won 3 seats in elections.

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