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Monday, June 13, 2011

To low Blood Pressure naturally, without using man-made drugs

What is a good diet for high blood pressure?
According to research, dietary habits are perhaps the number-one reason for essential hypertension, or high blood pressure. While there are foods that are beneficial for lowering your blood pressure, as listed above, there are foods that should be avoided. Limit your intake of salt, caffeine, white flour, alcohol, deep-fried food, nicotine, preservatives, sugars, and artificial flavoring and coloring. Replace salt with flavorful herbs and spices. See if you make the switch from coffee to tea, which has much less caffeine, if any. Wheat flour is a healthier choice than white flour. Swap sugar with honey. Otherwise, eat fresh wholesome foods of all colors every day.  
What are some ways I can lower my blood pressure naturally, without using man-made drugs?
First of all, it is very important that you discuss with your physician before going off any prescribed medications. In addition to the dietary advice given above, some of the best ways to naturally keep your blood pressure down include:

• Take 500 mg a day of vitamin B6, a natural diuretic; 800 mg of magnesium; 1,000 mg of calcium; and omega-3 supplements such as flaxseed or fish oil to provide essential fatty acids.

• Perform moderate exercise (heart rate at 120 beats per minute) for 30 to 40 minutes at least 4 times a week.

• Practice a Stress-Release Meditation every day. Breathe consciously, relax, and with each exhale focus on relaxing each area of your body in sequence, starting from the top of your head and moving down to your toes. Try taking your blood pressure reading before and after 20 minutes of meditation practice. Log the readings and watch your blood pressure drop over the course of a month..

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