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Monday, May 23, 2011

Computer Maintenance Tips

Minimize Crashes and Crash Damage:
1. Always shut the PC down properly. Windows creates temporary files that need to be closed before you turn off your machine. If you just throw the switch, these files are left in limbo. Not only might you lose program data that has not been saved, but it’s possible that badly written programs could be left in an unusable state.

2. When using Dial-Up Networking, do not physically disconnect your phone line from the PC before shutting down your connection. Windows can get hang waiting on the COM port.

3. Let Scandisk run during boot-up if your machine requires it.

4. Store data files on a different partition from the operating system. If Windows does crash and needs to be reinstalled, you won’t lose data.

5.Using Network: If you’re on a network, keep a copy of all your network settings (IP address, DNS, gateway, network card settings, and so on) handy.

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